Secrets of choosing fruits and vegetables

Secrets of choosing fruits and vegetables - Today people are starting to understand the awareness of healthy living by encouraging consumers to eat vegetables and fruits. based on the principle back to nature sebgai a benchmark good diet. 

Back to nature is a lifestyle that is as far as mngkin utilize natural fresh ingredients for everyday.

Unfortunately, lack of knowledge about the conditions in the fruit and ayuran that are sold all around us, we do not make the right to provide the materials that should be good for consumption. 

In order to facilitate the choosing fruits and vegetables are good (especially mothers) so that the content and the efficacy of the fruit or vegetable can be absorbed by our body optimally, the following guidelines on how to choose vegetables and fruits are excellent for consumption.

  • Choose fruit that is ripe and intact. Optimal ripe fruit has a sweet taste and fresh
  • Choose fruit that has a smooth skin, fresh and not wrinkled
  • Fresh colors and solid
  • Aromatic (For some types of fruit)
  • Purchase right in season

Types of vegetables

  • Leaf vegetables
  • Choose intact and fresh, bright orange, yellow and opaque yet
  • Leaf stem can break easily and the bones of the leaves are still clearly visible.

Vegetables Fruit

  • Choose fruit that is still intact, not broken or bruised, not runny, and not soft and not stink
  • Select; ah old or ripe (chili da tomatoes), as well as young (eggplant and squash)

Vegetable peas

  • Choose young pods, no holes or speckled, cylindrical, dark green, with the boundary between the seed pod clearly visible yet.
  • Can break easily and are not slimy.
  • For the seed pods are taken, select old and pithy.

Root vegetables

  • Choose bulbs that are not holes, not soft or watery, tuber skin no cuts or bruises.
  • To choose potatoes that are not notched so easy pengupasannya.
  • For the onion and garlic, choose a dry but not wrinkled.
  • For carrots, choose young with a bright orange ,, little or no permikaan white coating on the skin, the curve of the bulb has not formed fine roots, and root tubers were soft when pressed with a fingernail

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