How To Eliminate Bad Breath

How To Eliminate Bad Breath - The smell of bad breath, bad breath after eating onion, or fasting can be removed quickly and permanently. 

Many people feel uncomfortable when having bad breath odor, even them feel inferior when emotion gather with others. 

The problem of bad breath can be experienced by anyone and it is a natural thing, even though artists often experience these problems.

Some of the causes of bad breath in most cases are caused by various factors, such as smoking, thrush, bacteria, due to consumption of certain foods and much more. 

To overcome not a few people who choose to suck on or chew gum with mint flavor. Besides rinsing with mouthwash or gargle can overcome bad breath odor. 

But of course, in the long-term use would be bad for the health of your teeth and mouth.

How to eliminate bad breath naturally could be an option when you want to overcome bad breath without having to disrupt oral health.

The way to use a variety of natural materials that exist around us like a betel leaf, green tea, and fresh fruits. The way it is proven to eliminate bad breath permanently and no side effects. 

For those of you who want to try to remove bad breath quickly here are some tips that you can try.

1. Brushing

Brushing teeth is a way to overcome bad breath is very easy, because although it is not the smell of the mouth of someone brushing their teeth should be free from bacteria and leftover food stuck. 

Rub your teeth regularly 2 times a day in the morning and evening, if necessary after you eat something done this way so that there are no remnants of food left behind and causing bacteria.

2. Rinsing using mouthwash or antiseptic

How to eliminate bad breath next is by using mouthwash or antiseptic gargle. Brushing your teeth alone is not enough to eliminate bad breath, to further improve it, you can use the mouthwash containing antiseptic. 

But you should not apply in this way constantly remember mouthwash made from chemicals.

3. Consume fruits

To eliminate bad breath, you should consume fruits that contain lots of water, in order to overcome the lack of saliva. Some fruits, which contained a lot of water that is pear, guava, apple, lemon and others. 

In addition to overcoming the problem of bad breath, fruits can be cleaning your teeth and can also nourish the skin because it contains fiber and vitamins.

4. Green tea and betel leave

Both of these natural ingredients are proven to overcome bad breath odor. Green tea contains antioxidants that can overcome the problem of bad breath. 

In addition, you can gargle use betel leaves. To make it, you can boil it first leaves some series, and then filtered. After a cold use the cooking water to rinse.

That's some way to eliminate bad breath with a quick and easy to apply. To avoid bad breath will also note the foods that you eat, some foods such as garlic, dairy products, and eggs are foods that can cause bad breath. 

After consuming the food is good to brush your teeth to keep it fresh without spending mouth odor.

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