How to deal with children with autism

How to deal with children with autism - Autism is a medical term used to describe a developmental disorder of communication and social interaction in children. 

Autism is quite often about the children, which is about 3-6 per 1000 children. Autism usually appear before the age of 3 years and the symptoms are varied from mild to severe. 

Autism has no cure, but with special training and attention from parents of children can return to normal.

Cause Autism In Children

Autism is not known exactly, but there are some things that are suspected to be related to autism, namely:

  • In connection with the brains of babies in the womb.
  • Nuerotransmiter disorders (substance conductor of nerve impulses) in the brain.
  • Transcription factors also play an important role in addition to the causes of the causes of autism such as rubella virus in pregnant women, hormonal disorders during pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms of Autistic Children Suffer

Symptoms of children with autism highly variable ranging from behavioral disorders, social, and communication. Some examples of symptoms found in children with autism are:
  • No eye contact when spoken to.
  • Does not respond to their parents smile.
  • Not to empathize with others.
  • Unable to utter one syllable at the age of 15 months or two syllables at the age of 24 months.
  • Not willing to communicate, rarely speaking.
  • In his word life it self.
  • Not responding when called by name, but respond to other sounds strange like a cat, a dog.
  • Often be repeating certain movements that are unclear, such as rotating hands, clapped his hands.
  • Often see a certain object or objects from the standpoint of the ordinary (odd), for example, tilted her head when she saw the toy.
  • Tend to be emotional when things changed regularly.
  • Unusual friends with other children his age.

Treatment of Autistic Children

Immediately take your child to the doctor. The doctor will examine your child and ask with a complete history, ranging from the history of the disease, a history of behavioral disorders, social and communication, as well as determining the severity of your child with autism. 

Ask your doctor the best treatment for your child. You may need psychological support / child psychiatrists as well as the usual professional organizations dealing with children with autism. 

Children with autism can attend regular school, but for more severe circumstances, may be placed special schools with autism. 

The cure rate of autism is big enough as long as it is treated early, and children with autism who have recovered behavior can be like a normal kid.

Tips to deal with Autistic Children

  1. Immediately take the child to a doctor when showing symptoms of autism.
  2. Required patience and attention from parents in dealing with children with autism.
  3. Do not give in to the child's condition.
  4. Child development with a physician or psychologist / psychiatrist child.

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