Health Benefits of Cabbage

Health Benefits of Cabbage - Cabbage has a scientific name Brassica oleracea. International name is Cabbage. In Indonesia, this vegetable is also popularly known as kubis. 

Cabbage usually used for raw vegetables, vegetable stir-fry, or as other vegetable dishes. It feels good, fresh, crisp and slightly sweet. 

Erofa plant origin have entered keindonesia diperkirkan around the 16th century until the 17th century.

Cabbage has a function which is good for digestion and preventing gastric cancer and colon cancer. 

Another useful content of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, chlorine, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, and sulfur. More outer leaf greenness contains 40% more calcium than leaf next to the white only.

Despite the many benefits, eating cabbage in large quantities can be harmful to people with ulcers, gastritis, and abdominal bloating. 

Cooked cabbage will reduce the danger of such risks compared with cabbage was engulfed.

Injured intestines

250 g boiled cabbage leaves half-baked. lift cabbage from the water, then add the orange that had previously been soaked with salt (longer soaking it better), and a little honey. Next input back into the pot and boiled until cooked. For this treatment, the cabbage is eaten several times a day until about 12-20 days. Every time you eat them.


Make soup of 500 g cabbage and chicken claw (Selaginella doederleinii Hieron). Add a little salt and oil into the cabbage soup.


Insomnia is a disorder that causes sufferers often restless sleep with dreams of obscure. To overcome this, the herb can be made from 500 g of cabbage, 10 g of daffodil bulbs (bulbus lilii L), 10 g lotus seed, and 10 g of palm China.

leg cramps

People who frequent cramps should consume cabbage
Eat more vegetables principal of cabbage every day for 2 weeks. During the treatment, or the effects of changes in the patient need to be considered.

Anti cancer

Cabbage is useful as a anti-cancer drug, should be accustomed to eating cabbage in the daily menu. substance contained in the cabbage is very good to prevent the invasion of cancer.

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