Excellence Vegetables and Fruits

Excellence Vegetables and Fruits - Several kinds of vegetables and fruit effective in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, prevent the causes of cancer cells, heal ulcers, as an antibiotic, reduce arthritis attacks, prevent dental caries, prevent diarrhea, cure headaches, and so forth. 

Carotene and vitamin C contained in vegetables play an important role as an antioxidant to overcome the attacks of free radicals that can cause cancer. 

Vegetables also contain high fiber food to prevent constipation, diabetes mellitus, colon cancer, high blood pressure and others.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables in large quantities is difficult because large volumes while your stomach is very limited. 

To increase the power received the power of the stomach and increase the intake of substances contained in fruits and vegetables, can be done by making juice. The juice can be made with a very simple way, that only by using a food processor such as juice and a blender.

As food, vegetables and fruits have a distinct advantage compared with other foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits are the advantages:

  • Each fruit and vegetable have a fresh and distinctive flavor of the which is a combination of various tastes with the right composition. Vegetables and fruits Also have a specific aroma and color, the which is a prominent feature of every kind. Reviews These things the make the vegetables and fruit have its own charm, so it is Widely used as a trigger appetite (appetizer) and as juice.
  • As with vegetables, fruit Generally has a water content, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but low in terms of energy, fat, and carbohydrates. The nutritional composition causes the fruit is best used as a weight loss diet.
  • Vegetables and fruits are a source of nutrient and non-nutrient, both of the which are instrumental to the health of the body. As a source of nutrients, fruits and vegetables play a role in regulating the growth, maintenance and replacement of cells in the human body. Later, the role of non-nutritional substances in vegetables and fruits into Anakin important in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

This is why fruits and vegetables have important advantages for human health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetable food and feel the positive effects.

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