Efficacy and benefit of Rambutan content

Efficacy and benefit of Rambutan content - Generally, Rambutan content is seldom used as the medicinal plant, and it's usually planted  in the kailyard for raw consuming. we can also find Rambutan growing wildly.

The fresh and delicious fruit which is wrapped with hairy rind gives more exotism of this fruit.

Rambutan has several name, in Spain, it's called Remus then, shao tzu (China), ramboutan (Philippine), and Rambutan in Indonesia. the botanical name of rambutan is Nephelium lappaceum L, one of sapindaceae parts. It lives in lowland for height 300-600 meters above sea level.

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Chemical content of Rambutan

Rambutan is containing carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C. its rind is containing tannins and saponin. 

The seed has fat and polyphenol content. the leaf contains tannins and saponin too. last, its bark is containing many substances, such as tannins, saponin, flavonoids, pectic and iron.

How to herb rambutan to treat disease


Wash rind of rambutan (10pcs), and cut into pieces. pour it into 3 glasses of clean water, then boil it until the water half remaining. when it has been cool, strain it and drink twice a day, each one-quarter glass of it.


Wash the dried out rind (15g), added 3 glasses of clean water. boil it for about 15 minutes. Then strain and drink when it's cool, thrice a day for each one-third of the glass.

Disclosure grey hair

Wash leaves of rambutan necessarily, then mashed to become fine and smooth. Add a little water and stir evenly. wring and strain it, and use it to dew the head. treat this every day until the grey hair is getting convalesce.


Get 5 pieces of rambutan seed, and powder them. brew this herb with a cup of hot water. when it's cool, drink the water at once, do this treatment once or twice a day.


Wash the bark of rambutan, then boil it with two glasses of clean water, until the boiling water becomes only one glass. use it to mouthwash when it's warm.

Thus, the efficacy and benefit of Rambutan content to treat diseases. hope it is useful.

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