3 Ways to Get Natural Red Lips

3 Ways to Get Natural Red Lips - Perhaps not everyone will question how the color of our lips, especially for men. But you know, the red lips is a requirement that women must possess if he wants to look more beautiful. 

Even some women who choose to use their lips lipstick that looks red. Although most men prefer a woman with red lips naturally, not red as the dye.

Well, how about you? Do you also want to have red lips without lipstick? It's easy, you only need to perform the following steps:

3 Ways to Get Natural Red Lips

How to redden the lips with Honey

The first way is to use honey. How? 

For how and how the application very easy, you just need to smear honey on your lips until evenly over each before going to bed. Then wash again your lips after you wake up in the morning.

How to redden the lips with toothpaste

For typhoid second, you can use toothpaste as a panacea to make your lips look naturally red. The trick is the same, namely by applying toothpaste to your lips every time before you sleep. 

Toothpaste will dry on your lips, so you have to clean with water when you wake up the next morning

How to redden the lips with water

The third way is the most simple and secure, because without intending to make the lips look naturally red as well, we've definitely always drink water. 

The goal is the improvement of drinking water to keep your lips hydrated and cracked and will be healthier.

Do three ways that I mentioned above on a regular basis to obtain maximum results. However, all of the above methods have weaknesses and strengths that if we use the first method (with honey) effect may be quite fast on the use of 3-7 days. 

If we do the road to two (with toothpaste), the effect may generate will tend to be faster, but it will quickly disappear. And if we do not use three-way (with water), it would require a rather lengthy process, but the red lips will look longer and durable.

So, how by means of the above? Are you ready to have naturally red lips and lipstick? 

Dilshan tries to do three tips to create natural red lips on a regular basis. Good luck, and thank

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