15 illness Frequently Occurs at Age 50 Years

15 illness Frequently Occurs at Age 50 Years - Body processing to be older is a fact that can not be resisted, the actual human body is programmed not live forever only able to survive until the age of 120 years (maximum potential life). 

Science can not quickly hold so that the body vulnerable to disease, but often we mistakenly treat the body so we have to run aground before it's time.

Actually, without wracked disease, the body will degenerate with age, especially if undermined by disease. 

There is a disease that can not be avoided (fetal programming), aged 50 years old body usually with health problems due to decreased function of the body and the effect of food and the environment, but several diseases can certainly be prevented from being uprooted prematurely, following a disease that always suffered when age above 50 years.

15 illness Frequently Occurs at Age 50 Years

1. Arthritis (Rheumatism)

Arthritis diseases associated with bone and joint, to prevent this disease should do physical exercise and walk regularly, sufficient exercise and take supplements and vitamin B if food intake is not sufficient in nutrients.

2. Brittle Bones

There are no nutrients that can stop the loss of bone mass from time to time, but we can slow by drinking enough vitamin D (Felicia Cosman, osteoporosis specialists New york). Age 50 need 1000 mg of calcium increased, to 1200 mg per day, therefore, Increase the amount of dairy products and enrich the amount of calcium such as carrot juice and cereals, and foods rich in vitamin A, C magnesium, zinc and protein from milk. 

3. Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is very vulnerable at the age of 50 years and above, to control it, do exercise every morning such as walking, jogging, avoid excessive sugar intake, replace soft drinks with fruit juice without sugar or water only. Eat fruits and vegetables.

4. Heart Disease

At this age are at risk of developing coronary heart disease or heart eskemi, a change in heart blood vessels due to arteriosclerosis. Originators factors are smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and lack of exercise.

5. Hypertension

Another problem that arises at the age of 50 years is high blood pressure (hypertension) can be factors of stroke and coronary heart disease. to avoid it recommended the DASH diet (dietary approaches to stop hypertension), a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. 

6. Insulin Resistance

A gesture in a disease in which the body begins to respond less well to the hormone that clears glucose from the blood vessels.

7. Memory

things that factor above 50 years of age is difficulty retaining memory, dementia is the most familiar with old age, in contrast to amnesia, dementia is memory loss due to aging.

8. Lung Disease

Lung function decline due to a lack of elasticity of the lung tissue and chest wall and the reduced force of contraction of the respiratory muscles making it difficult to breathe.

9. Cancer

50 years of age are particularly vulnerable to cancer. About 45% of colon cancer, 38% for breast cancer and 69% of cancers of the throat is not going to happen if you choose good food, weight control, and exercise.

10. Kidney

Kidney disease can be prevented by reducing fatty foods, keep blood pressure within normal limits, maintain weight, reduce fatty foods and drink enough water.

11. Enlarged Prostate

To prevent prostate enlargement do light exercise, consumption of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits (cabbage, avocado, nuts, pumpkin, fish, and tomatoes) and follow a healthy diet.

12. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the cause of microbes, infectious disease, to prevent it to be clean and healthy, wash your hands after being diarrhea patients with a chronic cough, the consumption of foods high in vitamin, mineral, calcium, protein and fiber.

13. Eye Disease

Cataract is a disease that usually attacks over the age of 50 years, for the prevention consume vitamin A, C and E, the content of catechins in tea also help prevent cataracts. Please read Macam Macam Eye Disease

14. Alzheimer's

To reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease over the age of 50 years, start light exercise consumption of nutritious foods, you should always be actively thinking, enough sleep and protect the brain from injury.

15. Indigestion

A disease that often occurs in the gastrointestinal above the age of 50 years, among others, gastritis and peptic ulcer. Symptoms are usually nonspecific, but in the form of weight loss, nausea, and stomach does not feel good, because of the declining function of the digestive gland.

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